Friday, 9 February 2018

Second Printing of Setting the Scene.

2nd printing of Setting the Scene has been delivered and the books will go in the post today/tomorrow. We have sold about 75% of them so we have about 30-40 copies left. If you have been undecided about getting a copy now is the time, as I doubt that there is enough interest to warrant a 3rd printing.
 If you would like a copy please email me on and I will send you a Paypal invoice.
 For further details including price and postage costs then click on SETTING THE SCENE at the top right column on this page.
If you would like to view or read a review of the book then click on one of the links below. These were made by people who bought the book and I would just like to say thanks to you guys for your comments, it has helped to make it all worth while.
Also many thanks to everybody who have supported the book, particularly those who waited patiently whilst we dealt with the problems associated with the first printer.

Colonel Mustards blog


Stiumac -  Worlds in Miniature

Trouble At T’Mill –  a wargaming blog.
And a big thanks to Steve Lampon for all his help with advertising on Face Book.













Wednesday, 17 January 2018

SOLD OUT - Setting The Scene

Setting the Scene book - SOLD OUT - Many thanks to everyone who supported the book.

We have decided to see how much enthusiasm there is for a reprint by taking pre-orders again. Since yesterday evening we already have 33 x orders wanting a copy of the book, so hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

To register your interest in the book  send an email stating which country you are from and how many copies to 

 For more information about the book, pricing and postage go to the sidebar at the top right of this page and click on SETTING THE SCENE.

The following names are the last of the first print run and they will be having their books put in the post this Friday 19th January.

Todd Shryock, Mark Flack, Harry Morris, Eric Mckenzie, Mark Warner, Andrew Common, Julian Bailey, Bob Miller, Nelson Mixon, Martin Hutton, Steve Wright, Benito Vera, Andrew Mills, Ian James, Kar Fai Cheung, John Martin, Marc Renouf, Charles Ohike, Morgan Nash.



Thursday, 11 January 2018

Setting The Scene - books are on their way at last.


I am pleased to say that the books have arrived at long last after the nightmare we had with the original printers. Steve has set the ball in motion for taking them to the small claims court to see if we can get our money back.

You will be glad to know that I have been to the post office today and managed to get everyone's book in the post, so you should have it in your hands in the next couple of days, depending on what part of the world you live in.

My deepest apologies for you having to wait so long for the book to finally materialise and also having paid in advance for it. Our original intention had been for you to pay a couple of days in advance of our receiving the book from the printer and then we could have got the book sent off to you before the xmas postage deadlines. In the end we had to draw a line in the sand and change printers but at least it is better late than never.

In the end I stopped sending out invoices until the books actually arrived, so I will be sending them out tonight. If you haven't received an invoice from me and you would like to buy the book then click on the dedicated page by clicking SETTING THE SCENE in the box on the top right hand side of this page.

My thanks to Steve Lampon for all his hard work in helping with the technical and admin side of getting the book off the ground, to which there has been plenty.

I hope you enjoy the book and your late Christmas reading.



Saturday, 28 October 2017

Terrain Mat Sections plus 'Setting the Scene' Book Update.

First of all I would like to give you an update on my terrain book 'Setting the Scene'. Finally things are moving again as I have joined forces with Steve Lampon, an art director, fellow wargamer and friend, who is doing a wonderful job on the graphic design and between us we have decided to self-publish the book.

 My input was finished a while ago and Steve has been beavering away and is now about 1/3 of the way through doing his bit. The book will be A4 and around 120 pages with step by step guides to building winter terrain.

Just to give me a rough idea of numbers for the first printing run, if you think you may be interested then just leave a small comment at the end of this post. Obviously there is no commitment with this, I just want to get a feel of the potential interest out there in the wargaming community.

Steve will be adding updates of his progress on the design, so watch this space.

                                             FLEXIBLE TERRAIN MAT SECTIONS.(picture heavy)

I have been wanting to make another terrain mat for a while and having recently seen pictures of Lev Vykopal's superb terrain mat with a track/road running through it, I wanted to do something similar.

The only trouble with building features into your mat is that it limits its versatility for game layout, so I decided to make a load of smaller terrain mat sections with features built into them so they could be placed on the table as and where, as you would with any other piece of terrain.

These mats would also be used for hills on my gaming table by simply placing a book or two underneath them but the mat would have to be thick and stiff enough for this to work effectively.

If the mat is too thin then the slopes of the hill can dip/droop and the edges curl up a little. To combat this I gave my mat two layers of builders caulk with 24hr drying time between each layer. Also there was several layers of white glue gone into the mat for the initial sand and PVA mix and then for each layer of flocking, followed by another soaking of PVA white glue to seal everything in.

This resulted in a mat that was stiff enough to bend into shape but still flexible. I also made a load of flexible road/track which again I gave a double layer of caulk to and this rectified the slight curling up of the edges that I have found with some of the previous items that I have made.

For me, a road or hedge line following the contours of a hill helps to give the table a more realistic look and with these mats, hopefully they will give me enough gaming versatility.

I ended up making eight mats of different sizes, the biggest being approx. 24x30 inches and I also made about 30 x feet of track/road. To get everything to match and blend in with my gaming table, I also had to re-flock the surface.

                                           The mats and roads - painted but pre-flocked.

                                                                  Post-flocked mats

                                                   The gaming table re-flocked.
             I have used a 20mm and a 28mm figure to show terrain is suitable for either scale.
                                                            Two scrubland mats.

                                                         Same mat used as a hill.

              I have made a couple of mats as a double field with hedgerow down the middle.

                                                                             As a hill.

                       Rocky ground mat. (not sure if I should add vegetation to this)
                                                                                As a hill

                                                       Y - Junction with fields.
                              20mm PSC and 28mm Warlord Games vehicles for scale.
                                                                     As a hill

                                                          Crossroads with fields.
                                                                            As a hill.

                                                                Bendy road with fields.
                                                                          As a hill.

                                              Roads. 20mm and 28mm vehicle for scale.

                                                                    Storage space.
Although these could probably be gently rolled up, I don't want to tempt fate and as I don't intend to transport them anywhere they will be stacked flat, one on top of the other, so very little storage space used.

                                             The mats placed on the table with joining roads.

                                            Buildings, walls and extras added to layout.

28mm figures and vehicles added to layout to give you an idea of scale and because I like doing this.